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On Site or at Our Facility, You're Covered

Your home should be a place of leisure and peace. But if you’re getting frustrated over trying to set up a home network to connect your desktops, portable computers, printers, etc., it’s time to call us.

Deliver Safely, Deliver Quality

If networking isn’t an issue, but instead you have a poorly performing computer, that can be equally frustrating. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can work with you to provide you a simple solution that meets both your needs and your budget, minus the unnecessary frustration. We’ll get your network working flawlessly, or get your computer running well while keeping your data safe and secure. Our staff will be happy to help you get your home back to being your escape from technology worries.

Our on-site technicians can come to your home to either pick up your computer or work on it right there. We offer some of the lowest on-site services prices of any computer repair company.

Our trained and certified technicians can service any and all makes of computers and laptops in addition to setting up wireless or wired networks and setting up printers for personal use or for home sharing.

Whether your Internet connection is dial-up, DSL, Cable, T1, or something else entirely, Computer Tech Pro is your best option for proper wired and/or wireless networking and set-up.

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For any residential issues you may face

Why Choose Us

Coastal Connections keeps the client in mind and their needs when fixing their systems. We strive for 110% customer satisfaction with every client. Feel free to read some of the reviews about Coastal Connections on the reviews button!









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