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Supercharge Your Business

Let Us Handle Your IT Needs So You Can Focus On Business!

Staying on top of latest technology trends, updates, and issues is a daunting task. Maybe your business is facing one of these challenges:

  • You are unable to proactively manage or monitor your IT infrastructure

  • Your IT team is inundated with end-user technology troubleshooting, and you’re wasting valuable time waiting on returned support calls that seem to never happen

  • Backups, testing, patches, and security have you feeling like your team is constantly behind the eight ball

  • You worry that you’re not getting a solid performance or ROI on your technology investments

Sound like your business? We’re here to help you. To help handle your IT hassles so you can focus on the things that are at the heart of your business instead of IT headaches.

Our Geek Experts partner with you to provide expert IT services to unleash your current in-house staff from mundane IT takes so they can focus on exhilarating business- and revenue-building projects. We excel at understanding the core of your business and your needs so we can seamlessly integrate our services with your goals and mission. When you succeed, we succeed. We know you love success, and we do, too.

Your Proactive IT Partner

Because we get to know every nook and cranny of your business, we provide agile response plans and services. Forget about losing revenue ever again because of system downtimes and long wait times for calls back. We proactively monitor your IT infrastructure for you, identifying and remedying technology issues before you even know they exist. Our tech team is the best in the business and is committed to getting the job done right, right away. The results? Your IT team doesn’t have to pull their attention away from critical business-building projects, boosting their productivity and your bottom line.

Caring IT Techs?! Absolutely!

Caring IT techs really are a thing, and we have them. Your mission is our mission, and we are invested in delivering IT service that wows you every time. We care for your servers, applications, databases, and networks like they are our own. We don’t wait until there are problems.

We don’t wait to be asked. We don’t wait until the world has caught on fire. No matter what the day of the week is or how late it is in the evening, we get to work. As they say, there is no I in team, and when you partner with us, we become teammates committed to your business’s success. No matter what your needs are and no matter when you need them, we’ll be there to deliver high-quality technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility!


Your IT Investment

IT services should be an investment that you see a clear return on. That’s what we provide to you. We use an intuitive flat-fee monthly billing model that puts control in your hands. Our fee model is simple and consistent so you can accurately plan for IT expenses in your budget. We will tailor the amount of service we deliver based on your needs, and, in return, you receive piece of mind, and increased revenue, knowing that your network is protected by the best.

Reap the Benefits of Worry-Free IT

When you partner with us, you get IT peace of mind. Here’s how:

  • IT Consulting: Our expert service technicians with years of experience in the field provide their consulting service to our customers for FREE

  • Lightning fast response times and guidance from skilled service providers without any additional hidden fees

  • Fixed monthly rates for all IT infrastructure management needs, eliminating risks

  • Increased productivity for your in-house IT staff on projects that matter

  • Regular and frequent monitoring of servers, networks, software, and hardware components

Your business’s technology solutions should never negatively impact your bottom line.

At the Office

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Coastal Connections keeps the client in mind and their needs when fixing their systems. We strive for 110% customer satisfaction with every client. Feel free to read some of the reviews about Coastal Connections on the reviews button!









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