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Managed Services

Coastal Connection provides comprehensive IT services and managed IT services.  We have the solution to getting your devices fixed in a concise and convenient way.  We offer an affordable diagnostic service to properly analyze what’s going on with your devices or network.  During this diagnostic service we will run several tests to find out exactly what is wrong.  If you are looking for immediate support, our remote technical support is the solution for you.  Take advantage of the convenience of having our technicians fix your computer without them ever stepping foot in your home. Coastal Connection goal is not only to fix the problem, but to give precise and practical information to insure that your work flow is consistent and productive.

BusinessCARE™ IT Service

Our businessCARE™ IT service commitment means we’ll protect your system and keep it running smoothly so you can focus on your business. That’s the essence of our managed IT solution as we serve you in five critical areas.

Business Continuity planning can be completed in four steps:

  1. Business Impact Analysis -  Inventory business critical systems and data required to keep your business running and restore it after an emergency.

  2. Recovery Strategies - Are your systems covered by a backup service? Determine if there are any gaps between your current backup plan and your business requirements and actions to mitigate them.  

  3. Response Plan - Define what actions to take in an emergency, including who is authorized to initiate the response plan, who to notify, and how to restore business operations. Set notification procedures for any event that compromises customer’s personal or financial data.

  4. Test and Update - Train employees on the response plan and test it. Determine how often the plan should be reviewed and updated.

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Fully optimize and utilize the right software, hardware and work processes to make sure your system is as safe as possible. Our support includes end point security, prevention tools, proactive system monitoring and rapid recovery capabilities.

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Software Applications

Ensure your software applications are meeting your business needs. We support nearly all the commonly used applications from Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit and other major providers. And if you use unique vertical market software – whether you’re in retail, manufacturing or services – we’ve worked with most of these specialty programs and their vendors, so we often can provide basic support or serve as your liaison to these providers.

Help Desk

Maintain your productivity and limit individual user or system downtown. Our technicians are available within minutes during extended business hours and on a best effort basis after hours. In addition to resolving your problems, they quickly spot trends in service requests that point to application or service issues with a particular vendor or provider. You also can arrange for a 24-7 Critical Support level of coverage.

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System Monitoring

Pay special attention to the most critical elements of your system. Is your priority:

  • Proactive network and device monitoring.

  • Provide network and device security.

  • OS and third party patch management.

  • Proactive preventive maintenance.

  • Local and cloud device backup.

  • proactive data loss prevention

Whatever is most important to you is most important to us. We’ll develop a proactive monitoring program to help ensure those areas never let you down.

Patch Management

Software updates fall under three categories:

  • Security Patches - Security Patches address and protect against known vulnerabilities.

  • Hotfixes -  Hotfixes fix non-security problems in the software. These are not available after mainstream support ends except under expensive enterprise paid support agreements.

  • Service Packs - Services Packs are bundled packages of all security updates and hotfixes, plus additional fixes, available at the time of release. The Service Pack becomes the new baseline for subsequent security updates and computers without the latest service pack may fail to install future patches.

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