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Home Workers / Students

Smart Services for Home Workers and Students


Managed Services

Our Home Workers\Student Managed Services (Smartworks) was created because of the increase in employees working from home and homeschooling. We recognize the services that were needed or wanted, we also recognize the cost of services was a concern to get devices up to proper working condition and that most lack the skills to maintain that working condition.

So we decided to revamp of Business Manage Services and create an affordable service for Home Workers and Students.

We decided to make Swmartworks a members

only subscription service to keep remote support and onsite services well below market prices. The membership will come with free software and services and a set cost for remote and onsite service.


Smartworks is the most affordable and effective way the maintain and protect your devices.

Home Workers/Student 



+ Free proactive repair software

Free preventive maintenance 

Free anti-virus software

Free hard drive monthly cleaning

Free Windows update service

Free third party software date

Free system monitoring and report

Free device GPS location 

Free parental software

Free security and  virus removal software

+ Prevent device slowness

+ Prevent popup's and malware

+ Prevent data loss

+ Prevent system crashes

Nationwide remote support

Nationwide onsite support

Discount on all services

Work with manufacture warranty companies

Discount on parts and hardware

How does it work?

It's simple! In a nutshell, the Smartworks is designed to proactively monitor, repair, and update software to prevent problems from happening or to automatically repair problems. If Smartworks detects an issue that is can't automatically fix it will notify you of the issues

and automatically create a work order for the help-desk and we will contact you with further support.


Why do you need it?


This is a no brainer, it works in the background to prevent problems, it automatically repairs problems, it

provides added security from viruses, malware, and browser hijackers. It helps your device run at an optimum level at all times.

Windows - Macs - Androids

Desktops - Laptops - Tablets - Smart phones




Devices - $10.00 / month

Devices - $8.00 / month

Devices - $7.00 / month

All Smartworks functions are done once a month for free.

Remember... Smartworks is design to help prevent issues,

                      Prevent viruses, malware and popup's

                      Prevent system slowness and freezing. 

                      Prevent costly services calls.

Smartworks   is the most efficient and affordable way to 

                      maintain all you devices. Guarantee 



Teenager on Laptop

Become a Smartworks member today

Extra Smartworks


Extra features for Laptops - Smart Phones - Tablets - Ipads

+  Unlock devices when passwords are forgotten

+  Can turn on on alarm to help locate missing devices

+  Can send message to lost device screen

+  Can lock and unlock devices to protect data

+  Can wipe stolen device to protect data

+  Can locate devices by GPS

+ Can block know virus/spyware app's

+ Install antivirus software

Image by Taras Shypka

Smartworks Prices


Normal Price


1st hour


Additional hours



1st hour


Additional hours




1st hour


Additional hours



1st hour


Additional hours


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