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8 Fixes for Common PC Problems Myrtle Beach Compjuter Repair

When you’re the midst of work, nothing can be more irritating than running into a technical issue. It happens to everyone because computers are complicated, and very small issues can have reverberating effects. As a managed IT services provider, we see these problems daily, and we want to help you fight the urge to throw your hardware out the window.

Below are 8 of the most common PC problems we see, and how to do a quick fix yourself.

Computer won’t start

You press power and nothing. Just a black screen. When this happens, the issue is generally associated with the power supply.

As simple as it sounds, check to make sure the computer is plugged in correctly, both at the supply source and on the machine. If you are still getting nothing, test the power outlet with a different device to makes sure it works. If all else fails, you may have a dead power cable.

Computer is slow

If your computer is slow, the hard drive is probably being overburdened. See how much free drive space you have. If it’s less than 500 mb, you need to start cleaning up your hardware.

Start by emptying your Recycle Bin. Then, uninstall programs you don’t use. (If you don’t know what it is, let it lie.) Then, perform a disk cleanup by searching “disk cleanup” in the search bar.

Fan keeps blowing

The short answer here is that your hard drive is likely overheating. Sometimes this can occur when computers are left on permanently. Turn off the computer overnight and see if the problem still arises.

If it’s still blowing, download a hardware monitor (like this one) and see if the hard drive is actually overheating or if you simply have an overzealous fan. If the latter, you can easily monitor the fan manually using any one of a number of fan apps.

Screen is frozen

When your screen is frozen, you don’t have a lot of options other than a reboot through control-alt-delete or pressing and holding the power button. The problem can be related to malware, corrupt files or insufficient RAM.

Internet is slow

If your internet is running slowly, try clearing your cache and your temporary files. You could also have a bad cable connection. Try replacing the ethernet cable to see. Finally, a reboot of the modem may be necessary.

Did you know? Downtime costs small businesses up to $8,600 per hour. Aberdeen

Printer isn’t working

Printers can have any number of issues. Check to see if you’re connected to the right printer in the printer settings. Check for paper, check for power.

Mouse isn’t working

Make sure you mouse is properly plugged into the computer. If you’re using a wireless mouse, check the undercarriage to make sure it’s still switched on and the batteries are still good.

Blue Screen of Death

When you get the blue screen telling you that Windows has been shut down, you’re in a troublesome spot. You’ve got corrupted drives, bad disk drives or overheating. If you get this screen, your best bet is to contact your managed IT services provider.

Managed IT Services with

When problems become more than you can handle, having a managed IT services provider like Smartworks by your side is critical to productivity and business continuity. Call us today to learn more about managed IT services.

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